Final Acceptance Certificate of the Continuous Casting/Hot Rolling Line Signed by Customer

On November 23, 2011 the Final Acceptance Certificate of the Continuous Casting and Hot Rolling Line was signed by the Chinese Customer “Luoyang Yukong Longquan High Precision Aluminium Strip Co. Ltd.”, after the Line has undergone extensive testing on different types of alloys, strip widths and thicknesses.
The Line has proved capability to cast & roll strip of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx alloy series, having a width of 1650 mm and 1950 mm, down to a minimum thickness (on soft alloys) of 1,5 mm.
This Line, built by MINO in cooperation with Hazelett Corp., USA, is the first Continuous Casting/Hot Rolling Line for aluminium strip installed in China and one of the largest of this kind running in the world.
This Line proves the viability of this technology for the industrial production of aluminium strips for different applications and strengthens the partnership between MINO and Hazelett Corp. (which dates back to 1997) for the supply of combined casting/rolling lines.
This innovative production route allows for the transformation of liquid aluminium into hot rolled coils with substantial reduction in energy consumption, with benefits to both production cost and environment.