MINO stands tall with an 'under one roof' philosophy, encompassing mechanics, hydraulics, automation and process control, delivering the perfect recipe for the Equipment of tomorrow.


The versatile metal of modern life

Aluminum, a lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal, holds paramount importance in our daily existence and plays a pivotal role in the ongoing transition toward a more clean and sustainable future.
This versatile material is instrumental in a plethora of applications, spanning from aerospace components and beverage containers to automotive and advanced electronics.
Today Aluminium is leading the clean energy transition thanks to its rising applications in lithium-ion batteries for electrical vehicles.

MINO’s comprehensive Aluminum flat rolling solutions cover the entire production process, from Slab Scalping to Hot/Cold/Foil Rolling, and Strip Finishing, ensuring top-tier quality and efficiency in the production of this essential metal.


The timeless metal of many uses

Copper, often celebrated as the “red metal” due to its characteristic reddish-brown shade, holds a key role in our industrial and technological sectors.
Renowned for its unparalleled electrical and thermal conductivity, copper and its alloys serve as indispensable components in heat exchangers, electrical connectors, electrical motors, cables shielding and cutting-edge electronics.
Today copper is in the forefront of the clean energy transition, thanks to its extensive applications in electric veicles (EVs), EV charging infrastructures and renewable energy production.
Within the field of copper and copper alloys flat products, MINO’s comprehensive solutions encompass Hot Rolling, Milling, Cold Rolling, and precise Foil Rolling, ensuring the production of copper foils as thin as 6 µm.
These achivements highlight  the vital role of copper in advancing technology and industry.


The backbone of modern civilization

Steel, the cornerstone of contemporary construction and industry, represents a successful fusion of iron and carbon.
Its remarkable combination of strength, durability, formability and adaptability has established it as the primary and ever-present material for any manufacturing process.
From towering skyscrapers and sturdy bridges to sleek automobiles and everyday kitchen implements, steel’s versatility remains unmatched.
Within the field of steel flat rolling, MINO Solutions encompass key processes like Hot Skin-Passing, Cold Rolling and Cold Skin-Passing, ensuring the production of high-quality steel products that support the modern infrastructure and industrial sectors.


The path to efficiency

Within the sector of the rolling industry lies the need to understand and integrate real time control of the Rolling Mills.
Process control is essential to achieve productivity, accuracy and efficiency.
With engineers in our ranks who started working in flatness and thickness controls during the 1980’s, MINO can confidently say that we know process control and, moreover, how to use it.
Our Process engineers have decades of experience which is distilled into an original know-how of the process which cannot be rivalled.
The combination of this experience with the mastery in mathematical modeling, gives MINO the edge and gives our clients the best solutions available in today’s industry.
MINO solutions include cutting-edge technologies like the MINO Process Control ‘AVANTI’ System and the Advanced Self-Learning Model-Based L2 Systems to ensure best quality products from our Mills.
Additionally, our in house Level 1 and Level 0 Systems complete a winning package.
All conceived, designed and built in MINO.


Breathing new life into old equipment

Within the global population of Rolling Mills there are many requiring modernization, upgrade and revamping.
Ageing control systems and obsolecent equipment pose a safety risk, produce poorer quality and require more manpower to operate.
MINO have the experience and understanding of how to breath new life into old equipment.
Using our decades of experience in refurbishment jobs, older or second-hand Rolling Mills can be revamped and become productive again.
With careful design and our innovative touch, a revamped Rolling Mill can provide the same levels of productivity and quality found in a new one. 
MINO’s expertise in upgrading and rejuvenating our own brand of Mills and third-party’s equipment is worldwide recognised as a unique skill.
Upgrades can begin with simple electrical equipment replacement and stretch to a complete reconstruction of all areas of the Rolling Mill, to make it equivalent to a new one.
Talk to us about how we can help your business become competitive again.


Enhancing efficiency and reliability

In the field of metal rolling, filtering and auxiliary systems are indispensable, playing a pivotal role in process optimization and operational reliability.
MINO’s  filter designs, encompassing Plate Filters and Bed Gravity Filters, are crucial in guaranteeing the ultimate quality of the final product.