Forged in the fires of industry, Steel is the backbone of progress and the armor of innovation. Since 1950's MINO is part of this exciting journey.

Hot Skin-Passing

Enhancing the quality of hot rolled coils is essential for several industrial application and a Hot Skin Pass Mill offers substantial and effective improvements across several critical aspects.
It effectively corrects strip flatness, it enhances mechanical and metallurgical properties (thus upgrading hot rolled coils to final products), and it improves substantially surface characteristics.
Furthermore, it optimizes coil geometry and bolsters marketability of hot rolled coils.

Drawing from a long list of successful projects in this specific field, MINO is well equipped to provide tailored solutions, designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements, even for strip widths as wide as 2150 mm.
Notably, for such large strip width, MINO has developed a unique WORK ROLL SHIFTING SYSTEM for achieving the best results  notwithstanding big variations in strip width (max/min width ratio of up to 3 can be handled).

Cold Rolling

The Cold Rolling Mill is the key and pivotal equipment of a Steel Cold Mill complex, where high quality in the cold rolled strip is paramount for both productivity and final product’s level.

Drawing from a long list of succesful projects around the globe, MINO has distilled a defenitive design for Single Stand Reversing Mills and Two Stand Reversing Mills.

MINO’s design encompass Four-high or Six-high stands to cover all markets needs.
MINO’s Steel Cold Mills are today complex pieces of ‘mechatronics’ comprising well integrated mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and automation systems, to deliver optimal rolling performances.
Sturdy design and heavy duty manufaturing for long lasting working life are other features found in all MINO’s Steel Cold Mills.

Cold Skin-Passing

Skin Passing of cold-rolled strips after annealing, is a very important step in the steel process and is the ‘final-touch’ given to the strip before customer delivery.

MINO’s Skin Pass Mills are designed having well in mind the targets sought by such equipment which are, namely, enhancing the mechanical characteristics of the annealed strip (such as the elimination of the yield point elongation), improving strip flatness and ensuring proper strip roughness.
Additional targets are oiling, precision coiling, strapping, labeling, and marking of the annealed coils, ensuring they meet the exact specifications demanded by our customer’s customers.