Process Know How and Automation

Process Control is a human touch, a core know-how skill, a key component of how our industry works. At Mino we know how Process Control provides the key to unlock performance and productivity

AVANTI™ Technological Process Control Systems

The AVANTI™ TCS offers cutting-edge Process Control technology, utilizing a real-time industrial platform for state-of-the-art control.
Our in-house designed software draws from extensive rolling mill expertise.

AVANTI™ is a ‘open’ all-inclusive control platform.
Equipped with extensive visual engineering tools, open diagnostic interfaces and universal sensor ‘plug and play’ actuator connectivity.
Developed by our Automation and MINO Process Control division it provides real time automatic flatness and thickness control for ferrous and non-ferrous rolling mills.
Applicable to all single, multi-stand, four-high, six-high and multi-roll mills.
Proven in steel, aluminum, and copper industries it is universally fitted to all MINO mills and seamlessly retrofits existing third party systems on competitor mills.

AVANTI™ has user-friendly, multi-language interfaces ensuring efficient operation and diagnostics.
Clients who have purchased AVANTI™ control systems understand its versality and ease of maintenance.

Choose AVANTI™ for your enhanced rolling mill performance.

L2 Self Learning Process System

The MINO state-of-the-art model-based system is designed to reduce scheduling, process adjustment and continual tuning to process operations.
A MINO Level 2 model based set up system will transform your rolling mill operations.
Level 2 model based rolling control automates setup reference generation, encompassing crucial factors like thickness, roll gap positions, roll force, rolling speed, and schedule-dependent gains.
Our system harnesses precise, physics-based rolling process models, autonomously crafting pass schedules from primary data.
These models continually enhance their precision through adaptive self-learning algorithms, integrating real-time feedback from plant signals and sensors.
We employ advanced mathematical and material-based models to consider material properties, stand geometry, thermal crown, roll flattening, strip temperature, and roll wear.

Within the Automation Level 2 system, our Self Learning suite seamlessly interfaces with mill automation and sensor data, ensuring real-time model optimization.
The result is consistently accurate pass schedules for a bench mark, best practice rolling process.

Take your rolling mill operations to the next level with our innovative Level 2 solutions.

Process Consulting

Process consulting from MINO provides existing clients and new ones with a high confidence level on all aspects of investment in the rolling and production of semi fabricated sheet and coils.

MINO has, through over 100 years of activity in the field at the highest level, offered its know-how and expertise on plant design, construction and manufacture for the rolling mill industry.
MINO’s expertise in this field comes from the long list of projects successfully undertaken around the globe and from the familiarity in using the most advanced design tools, such as 3D modeling for equipment lay-out optimization.
Whether the objective is existing business enhancement or greenfield investment, MINO can offer an experienced methodical review of your investment strategies.
We work with financial organizations, existing rolling operations and partner mutual rolling equipment suppliers.
By pinpointing potential production objectives and refining factory requirements MINO can offer concepts for all likely permutations and solutions to increase overall efficiency.
In the rolling industry competitive edge is now more important than ever.
Our process consulting can prove indispensable in enabling businesses to understand, adapt to market dynamics, thus sustaining competitiveness in our ever-evolving world.