Final Acceptance of the new Cold Mill at LAMINAZIONE SOTTILE

On February 28th, 2015 the Final Acceptance Certificate of the new Cold Mill was signed by Mr. Massimo Moschini, Managing Director of Laminazione Sottile S.p.A., after the Cold Mill has undergone extensive testing.

The Cold Mill has proved capability to roll strip of different aluminium alloys, including 5xxx series, up to the max. strip width of 1800 mm, down to a minimum thickness of 0.1 mm.

The new Cold Mill, probably the most powerful, fastest and most productive aluminium cold mill running in Italy, is of state-of-the-art design and includes automatic coil feeding/recirculation system, off-line coil preparation system, automatic spool transfer device, side trimmer, most advanced AGC/AFC controls and powerful AC main drives.

Over the testing period, that lasted several months, beside the usual strip quality parameters (such as strip’s thickness and flatness tolerances) the Cold Mill’s capabilities have been thoroughly tested also in terms of scrap loss, telescopicity of finished coils, productivity and reliability.

Particular attention has been paid by Laminazione Sottile in testing the max. rolling speed of the Mill (1450 m/min) that had to be consistently and persistently proven in different conditions and for long periods.

MINO is proud that its new Cold Mill has achieved and, in some cases, exceeded the Contractual guarantees over the full spectrum of performance tests, satisfying the most detailed and challenging testing checks.

After the signature of the Final Acceptance Certificate, Mr. Massimo Moschini declared: “The new MINO Cold Mill has demonstrated to be a very powerful and high-performing tool that is allowing to step up our production, from the point of view of both quality and volumes and, in addition, to improve our production aptitude to a number of new interesting products and markets. The success of this project is also the result of the excellent and mutually fruitful cooperation established between my team and MINO’s team, which started from the outset and lasted through all the project realization period”.

The new MINO Cold Mill is now in full production mode as the old MINO Cold Mill, which was started-up back in 1980 and that is still in production. The scene of the two mills producing side-by-side and belonging to two different technical generations separated by a thirty five years time span, is the most vivid testament of the durability of both MINO’s equipment and MINO/Laminazione Sottile partnership!