Continuous Casting and Hot Rolling Line

In March 2010, MINO has completed the in-house pre-assembly of the Three Stand Tandem Hot Rolling Mill, to be delivered to the Chinese Customer Luoyang Yukong Longquan High Precision Aluminium Strip Co. Ltd, in the frame of the new Aluminium Hot Rolling Plant that will be installed in Yichuan, Henan province.

MINO supply includes a belt caster provided by Hazelett Corp., USA, that will be coupled to the rolling and coiling equipment manufactured in MINO’s Alessandria workshop.

Having an output of 250.000 t/y of Aluminium alloy strip, when in operation, this line will be the first one of this type installed in China and one of the largest in the world.

Main Data of the Line

Type of Alloys:
Max. Strip Width:
Thickness as Casted:
Min. Exit Thickness:
Min. Exit Thickness:

1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 8XXX series
1950 mm
19 mm
1 mm (soft alloys)
3 mm (hard alloys)