Contract Awarded to MINO by Elval for Cold Mill Upgrade

Elval (Hellenic Aluminium Industry S.A.) of Greece has awarded MINO the contract to upgrade and modernise one of its cold rolling mills.

The mill, which rolls cold rolled aluminium strip for various industrial applications including can-stock, required modernising to improve reliability and productivity.

The first phase of the project has been awarded to replace the existing process control system and make improvements to the exit side of the rolling mill. One key aspect of this is strip surface dryness on the rolled sheet.

As part of the scope of supply, MINO will design and install its unique air wipe system to remove rolling oil from the sheet surface, this equipment will be designed and built in MINO’ s own workshop based in Alessandria.

Other improvements to the rolling mill will include the installation of a new shapemeter roll, thickness gauges and laser speed measurement devices and roll coolant spray bars. A notable feature of the roll coolant spray bar system will be installation of ‘hot edge’ (H.E.S) spray control for improved strip edge thermal control during high speed rolling. The H.E.S includes the MINO hot coolant delivery system for the ‘hot’ rolling oil to dedicated spray nozzles.

The renowned ‘Avanti’ process control system also designed and built by MINO will replace the existing control system. The new ‘Avanti’ system will include the latest control applications for Mass Flow and Feed Forward thickness control. This will be complimented by advanced ‘Avanti’ flatness control.

This project is part of a strategic investment for Elval in its program to improve one of its key rolling mill assets which rolls a number of high added value products.

The key data of the Cold Mill undergoing the upgrade are the following:

Type of Alloys
Max. Entry Strip Width
Max. Entry Strip Thickness
Min. Exit Strip Thickness
Max. Coil Weight
Max. Rolling Force
Max. Rolling Speed

AA1XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX, and AA8XXX Series Alloys
1850 mm
2,0 mm
0,065 mm
14 ton
800 ton
1155 m/min

This award to MINO follows on from the project under construction at Elval’s subsidiary plant in Bridgnorth, England where MINO are contracted to make a total rebuild of a cold rolling mill for the Bridgnorth plant.