Foil Roughing Mill at ALCOMET

New Generation Thin Strip / Foil Roughing Mill now in manufacturing phase at MINO for Alcomet, Bulgaria

The new intermediate rolling mill for rolling of thin strip and foil for Alcomet is now under manufacturing phase in our workshop.
The initial project (design) stage has been completed and the customer has also just begun the civil works. To celebrate this event, a ceremony took place on July 12th in the Alcomet works where representatives of MINO were invited to meet the distinguished guest of Alcomet , Mr Abdulla Gul, President of Turkey. Mr Gul was invited to ‘break ground’ on the new site for the mill during this visit and also tour the rolling mill factory.
The Alcomet Board of Directors, Mr. Fikret Ince and Mr Fikret Kuzucu welcomed Mr Gul to the Alcomet works where he was introduced to the MINO President, Mr. Giorgio Colonna.
The new mill will be provided with the latest technologies in the rolling field, including advanced automation to control the rolling process and innovative mill design for highly efficient rolling operation.
Increased production, product range and higher quality of the products will be obtained by the use of this new thin strip/foil roughing mill. Additionally it will help Alcomet grow its markets and also consolidate a leading position in thin foil and strips on the European and Western Asian market for foil products.

Key data of the new Rolling Mill:

Type of Alloys:
Max. Entry Strip Width:
Max. Entry Strip Thickness:
Min. Exit Strip Thickness:
Max. Coil Weight:
Max. Rolling Force:
Max. Rolling Speed:

1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 8XXX series
1580 mm
1,2 mm
0,040 mm
12 t
1000 t
1500 m/min