One More Contract for a Four High Roughing/Intermediate Cold Rolling Mill

MINO has been awarded by Ningbo Powerway Alloy Plate & Strip Co., Ltd one more Contract for the supply of a new Four High Roughing/Intermediate Cold Rolling Mill for Copper and Copper Alloys.

Founded in 1987, Powerway is a Chinese high-tech enterprise group which has by now become world leader in producing, researching and developing non ferrous alloys.

Ningbo Powerway Alloy Plate & Strip Co., Ltd. is a company fully committed in the development of new materials and in the innovation of the technology of  production of non ferrous  alloys. Powerway Group products include environmental protection alloys, alloyed electrodes, new alloys, brazing materials, copper-nickel alloys, bronze, brass, high precision pure copper alloys for electronic applications.

The continuous effort of Powerway Group in technological innovation, that has allowed the group to develop several invention patents, has led the Group to win various prestigious titles such as “National Enterprise Technical Center”, “National Key High-tech Enterprise”, one of “First 93 National Innovative Enterprise”, “Excellent Private Enterprises in Science and Technology in China”, “Model Enterprise for Informatization”.

Powerway group has presided over and participated in the establishment of national standards and industry standards on copper alloys.

The award of this latest Contract comes after the previous successful cooperation between MINO and Ningbo Powerway for the installation of the MINO Six High Finishing Mill.

The new Cold Mill, which shall be installed in the same workshop where the previous MINO Six High Finishing Mill is located, shall produce copper and copper alloys strips starting from maximum incoming thickness of 18 mm down to the minimum thickness of 0.4 mm, on a maximum width of 460 mm.

The Cold Mill has the outstanding characteristic of being capable of producing either coils to be sent to the MINO Six High Mill for finishing rolling, either coils to be delivered to the customers as final products.

To achieve this, the new Cold Mill will be equipped with work roll lubrication & cooling system by pure oil, suitable to ensure that the strip will have the surface quality as required from final products.

Moreover, the new Cold Mill will be provided with the latest generation of MINO Process Control’s AVANTITM TCS system (AGC/AFC controls) that will allow to achieve the tightest thickness and flatness performances requested by today’s market.

The TCS system of the mill will be complete with MINO’s mathematical models for pass schedule calculation and optimization, developed by MINO in the previous similar rolling mills.

This new Cold Mill, which shall be designed following the latest MINO’s design concept in the field of copper alloys rolling, represents a new outstanding example of the pinnacle achieved by MINO’s copper Mills in terms of quality & performance. The repeat orders from a same Customer are a tangible evidence of that.

The key data of the Mill are:

Type of Mill
Rolled Material
Max. Entry Strip Width
Max. Entry Strip Thickness
Min. Exit Design Strip Thickness
Max. Coil Weight
Max. Rolling Speed

Four-High Reversing Finishing Mill
Copper and Copper Alloys
460 mm
18,0 mm
0,4 mm
7 ton
600 m/min

With this latest Contract, the number of MINO cold mills for copper alloys  sold to China alone since 2004 achieves now the figure of 21, still confirming MINO as the most successful foreign supplier of copper mills in China!