New Hot Tandem Mill for JW Aluminum

MINO S.p.A. of Alessandria, Italy, is proud to announce that it was awarded a Contract for the supply of a new Hot Tandem Mill for the expansion of the JW Aluminum rolling operation in its Mt. Holly, South Carolina manufacturing facility.

The new MINO Hot Tandem Mill will be installed in line with a Hazelett Twin Belt Caster using the Hazelett® Twin-belt Continuous Casting Process. The mill will be capable of continuously rolling, dividing and coiling aluminum strip with a max. width of 2000 mm (78.74”), down to a minimum gauge of 2.5 mm (0.1”).

With this new expansion the plant will be one of the most efficient and green aluminum production plants in North America.

Referring to JW Aluminum’s expansion, Lee McCarter, Chief Executive Officer of JWA, recently declared:

“It’s an exciting new chapter in JW Aluminum’s story and a considerable progression in our strategic journey. As a domestic supplier, we’ve prevailed in an extremely challenging competitive environment. The outcome of this endeavor will empower us to produce superior product for our customers, provide increased value to our stakeholders and serve as a preferred supplier and employer for decades to come”.

The JW Aluminum project will be the fourth one in which a Hazelett Twin Belt Caster is combined with a MINO Hot Rolling Mill.

This new continuous production line will incorporate the latest technologies available from the respective two companies, which have been developed and tuned in the previous cooperation projects.

It is worth mentioning that this further MINO/Hazelett project follows closely the successful commissioning of the latest continuous production line supplied by Hazelett and MINO to Liansheng New Energy Material Co., Ltd., a Chinese company located in Huolinguole, Inner Mongolia, and belonging to the Dingsheng Group.

In order to control the MINO Hot Tandem Mill under a truly continuous rolling process, MINO will supply exit shearing/coiling equipment, a process control system incorporating the latest generation of MINO process controls, including a sophisticated Self Learning Model Based L2 system, and state-of-the-art solutions for coolant management and filtration.

In particular, the Self Learning Model Based L2 system has been developed by MINO in cooperation with CSM (Centro Sviluppo Materiali, a Rome-based metallurgy research institute) starting from 2013.

The Tandem Mill will be complete with powerful AC main drives and controls, engineered by MINO Automation, for precise and continuous operation.

All the above technologies are already working successfully in the MINO Hot Tandem Mill commissioned for Liansheng.

3D rendering of the MINO Hot Tandem Mill currently  being manufactured for JW Aluminum

About JW Aluminum

JW Aluminum manufactures specialty flat-rolled aluminum products for the building and construction markets, fin stock used by the heating and cooling industry, light gauge converter foil for the flexible packaging industry and honeycomb foil for the aerospace industry.

JW Aluminum operates plants in Mt. Holly, South Carolina; Russellville, Arkansas; St. Louis, Missouri and Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

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