Largest Six-High Mill for Aluminium in the World Receives Final Acceptance by Customer

Baowu Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd.

Mino is proud to announce that, last October 23rd 2021, the Final Acceptance Certificate of the MINO Six-High Cold Mill installed in Baowu’s Sanmenxia Plant located in Henan Province was signed by Baowu Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd.

The subject Six-high Mill has been supplied by MINO in the frame of Baowu’s project for the production of Al Alloy strip for the aerospace, aviation and automobile industry sectors.

The subject Mill, having a staggering 3000 mm barrel length, is the widest Six-high Cold Mill for aluminium ever installed in China and in the world.

The Final Acceptance Certificate has been signed by the Parties after having completed an extensive period of performances tests and trial production during which all guaranteed performance parameters have been achieved or even exceeded.
The thorough Mill’s testing procedure has been fulfilled by a joint MINO team of specialized technicians coming from MINO Tianjin (China), MINO S.p.A. (Italy) and Mino Process Control (UK) working in close cooperation with Baowu’s technical team, in spite of the several additional challenges caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions.

This subject Mill will is capable of producing more than 120.000 tons/year of strips of different aluminium alloys.
The Mill is equipped with its own fully-automatic coil circulation system (which is interfaced with the High Bay of the workshop), coil preparation station, coil inspection station, automatic spool transfer device, automatic strapping and marking, advanced AGC/AFC controls developed by MINO and powerful medium voltage AC main drives.
The Mill is provided with the latest technology of induction type hot edge system for work rolls and with long stroke shifting system for the intermediate rolls: such devices allow the Mill to cope with different values of strip thickness and of strip width and to roll in stable conditions and with proper control of the strip flatness and strip edges, up to the maximum rolling speed of 1200 m/min.
Being the maximum entry thickness 12 mm and the maximum strip width 2850 mm, some key data of the Mill are just extraordinary for a cold mill, such as the weight of each mill housing of 170 tons and the maximum rolling force of 3200 t!
The whole L1 Automation, the Technological Control System, the mathematical models of the Rolling Recipes and the whole L2 have been developed by MINO’s Automation Division.

Key data of the Six-high Cold Mill:

Type of Alloys:

Max. Entry Strip Width:
Max. Entry Strip Thickness:
Min. Exit Strip Thickness:
Max. Coil Weight:
Max. Rolling Force:
Max. Rolling Speed:
Power at the Rolling Stand:

2850 mm
12 mm
0.2 mm
30 t
3200 t
1200 m/min.
7000 kW