New Contract for Six-High Mill for Aluminium

Located in Wuxi on the Yangtze River Delta, Yinbang Aluminium Co. was established in 1988 and is today considered the Chinese leading Company in the field of clad aluminium plates & strips for high-tech industrial applications.

Yinbang Aluminium is specialized in the production of aluminium clad material, multi-metal clad material and non-clad aluminium material serving the automotive, aircraft, power plant, machinery and home appliance industries.

In the frame of the new investment plan for increasing the production capacity of rolled material, MINO has been awarded the contract for the supply of the new 2500 mm Six-High Cold Rolling Mill, to be installed in the new workshop currently under erection in Wuxi.

The mill will be able to produce more than 150.000 tons per year of high quality aluminium strip for high-tech applications, including ABS (Auto Body Sheet) and high-strength aluminium alloys for the heat exchanger, automotive and aircraft industries. 

The new Six-High Cold Mill is of state-of-the-art design and includes automatic coil feeding/recirculation system, off-line coil preparation system, automatic spool transfer device, most advanced AGC/AFC controls and powerful AC main drives.

Most of the Six-High Cold Mill will be manufactured in Italy (including the complete stand with two housings of 126 t weight each) and pre-assembled before delivery in the MINO’s workshop located in Alessandria.

The key factors that have driven the selection of Yinbang Aluminium in favour of MINO have been the proven experience in designing and manufacturing complex Six-High rolling stands, the perfect integration between mechanics, hydraulics, electrics and automation system and the solid track records of MINO’ s manufacturing facilities.

Key data of the Six High Colld Rolling Mill:

Type of Alloys

Max. Entry Strip Width
Max. Entry Strip Thickness
Min. Exit Strip Thickness
Max. Coil Weight
Max. Rolling Force
Max. Rolling Speed

2350 mm
10 mm
0,2 mm
25 ton
2400 ton
1200 m/min

Six-High Cold Rolling Mill currently under design/manufacturing in MINO