New Foil Mill Contract

Following last year’s contract for the supply of a 2500 mm Six-High Cold Rolling Mill, Yinbang Aluminium Co. Ltd. has awarded one more contract for the supply of a new Foil Mill, to be installed in the new Wuxi production facility.

Yinbang Aluminium Co. Ltd., established back in 1988, is today specialized in the production of aluminium clad material, multi-metal clad material and non-clad aluminium material serving the automotive, aircraft, power plant, machinery and home appliance industries.

The new Foil Mill gives evidence of the Customer’s focus on thin gauge rolling for high-tech strip applications, including thin-gauge clad material.

The new Foil Mill will be provided with the latest MINO’s technologies developed for foil rolling, including its advanced AGC/AFC process control system and its hot edge spray system that has been specifically designed to relieve high tensile stress at the strip edges, allowing to achieve higher rolling speeds. This latest system has been conceived and developed by MINO for high speed rolling mills and has been successfully tested in previous Foil Mill projects.

The complete Foil Mill will be manufactured in Italy and pre-assembled/tested before delivery in the MINO’s workshop located in Alessandria, making this an example of the capability of MINO to act as “under-one-roof” supplier for the entire scope of equipment, including high quality manufacturing.

MINO is pleased to have been selected for the second time by Yinbang Aluminium, being the repeat orders from a same Customer a clear recognition of Customer’s satisfaction of the level of quality and performance achieved by MINO mills 

Key data of the new Foil Mill:

Foil Roughing Mill

Type of Alloys
Max. Entry Strip Width
Max. Entry Strip Thickness
Min. Exit Strip Thickness
Max. Coil Weight
Max. Rolling Force
Max. Rolling Speed

AA1XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX, AA6XXX and AA8XXX Series Alloys
1500 mm
0,6 mm
0,03 mm
18 ton
800 ton
1500 m/min