New Six-High Mill Contract for MINO!

In August 2023 Jiangsu Hengtong Precision Copper Industry has selected MINO for the supply of a highly performant Six High Finishing Cold Rolling Mill for copper and copper alloys.

Jiangsu Hengtong Precision Copper Industry is part of Hengtong Corporation, which today is ranked among the top 10 enterprises in China in the field of wire and cable industry. Hengtong supplies nowadays worldwide a wide range of optical ground wires, optical phase conductors , overhead bare conductors, submarine cables, composite cables, medium and low voltage cables, etc..

MINO has been selected as supplier of the Six High Finishing Cold Rolling Mill in the frame of Hengtong investment for the production of rolled copper strips to be used in the manufacturing of Hengtong Corporation products. Such selection has been done on the basis of the high quality requirements of the copper strip quality and dimensional tolerances which are required by Hengtong manufacturing process.

The mill, dedicated to thin gauges rolling, is completely designed and manufactured by MINO. It is equipped with Automatic Flatness Control and Automatic Thickness Control which are togheter integrated in MINO AVANTI Technological Control System and provided with AC main drives and complete MINO’s L1 and L2 automation systems.

The basic data of the Six High Mill are listed hereafter:

Max. Entry Thickness
Min. Exit Thickness
Max. Strip Width
Min. Strip Width
Max. Mill Speed

2,0 mm
0,05 mm
650 mm
400 mm
600 m/min

The selection of Hengtong further confirms MINO technical leadership in the field of Cold Rolling Mills for copper thin gauges and establishes a new partnership between MINO and Hengtong in which MINO is fully engaged in supplying to Hengtong a state of the art Cold Rolling Mill for Copper Foil.

Reference picture of a similar Cold Rolling Mill