High Accuracy Foil Copper Mill

After the kick off meeting of the High Accuracy Foil Copper Mill held at Heze between MINO and the customer, MINO’s technical team is now engaged in the design of a new-concept Foil Mill that will produce ultra-thin gauge copper strip for advanced electronic applications.
The mill is included in the new investment plan of MINO’s old customer “Heze Guangyuan Copper Strip Co. Ltd.”, today China’s leading company in the field of thin gauge copper strip for the automobile and electronic industry.
The Foil Mill will display an innovative design, specifically conceived to allow the rolling of copper strip down to the minimum achievable thickness.
When installed, the new Foil Mill will be the first one in China having the capability to roll copper strip for advanced electronic applications, down to a final gauge of 6 micron.

Key data of the new Foil Mill:

Type of Alloys:
Max. Entry Strip Width:
Max. Entry Strip Thickness:
Min. Exit Strip Thickness:
Max. Coil Weight:
Max. Rolling Force:
Max. Rolling Speed:

Copper and Copper alloys
670 mm
0,20 mm
0,006 mm
7 t
250 t
600 m/min.