Single Stand Roughing Reversing Rolling Mill under manufacturing at MINO’s works

The new Roughing Reversing Rolling Mill purchased by OZER METAL is presently under manufacturing in MINO Alessandria workshop.
The new mill will be dedicated to the production of high quality copper alloys strip, mainly for the automotive, electric and electronic industry.
By this new mill the total number of MINO production lines supplied to the very successful Turkish Company has risen up to eight.
Once more MINO has been recognized by OZER METAL as its preferred rolling mill supplier, having proved in the years to be able of providing most advanced and reliable rolling technology.
MINO is particularly proud of the consolidated and long-lasting partnership established with OZER METAL, which dates back to 1994.

Key data of the new Roughing Mill:

Rolled Material:
Max. Entry Strip Width:
Max. Entry Strip Thickness:
Min. Exit Strip Thickness:
Max. Coil Weight:
Max. Rolling Force:
Max. Rolling Speed:

Copper and Copper alloys
470 mm
17 mm
0,5 mm
7 t
1000 t
250 m/min