MINO is working on a new project for a Two-stand Six-high Cold Reversing Mill for Steel

MINO is pleased to announce that they are working on a new project for the supply of a Two-stand Six-high Cold Reversing Mill for Steel to an undisclosed North American Customer.

The Two-stand Cold Reversing Mill is an extremely efficient cold mill configuration which combines high quality production and increased productivity with the lowest possible installation and construction costs. The Six-high stand design adds enhanced adaptability to varying strip thickness, strip widths and steel grades.

The mill is designed to process a wide range of carbon steel grades ranging from soft Interstitial Free to hard High Strength Low Alloys, up to a strip width of 1600 mm.

Typical Mino Two-stand Tandem Mill in operation

Each stand has a nominal rolling force of 2400 tons and can run up to a maximum rolling speed of 1400 m/min.

Total power at each stand is 5700 kW, by two A.C. Medium Voltage Motors, 2850 Kw of power each, connected in twin-drive mode. The maximum total roll bending force is ± 60 tons for work rolls and ± 70 tons for intermediate rolls.

A long-stroke Intermediate Roll Shifting Device installed on both stands allows the Mill to cope with different values of strip thickness, strip width and steel grades and to roll in stable conditions and with proper control of the strip flatness up to the maximum speed of 1400 m/min.

Additional important features are related to the precise cooling strategy specially developed for this kind of mill: the configuration is made with selective multizone spray bars for work rolls and intermediate rolls on each stand utilizing the pulsing technology for accurate adjustment of the coolant flow on each sector of the rolls.

Alongside the latest Six-high Mill stand design, MINO will supply an advanced and high-performance process control system incorporating the latest generation of MINO Process Control’s AVANTItm TCS system for AGC/AFC control, which includes unique model based predictive control algorithms.

This is accompanied by powerful medium voltage AC main drives and controls, also engineered in-house by MINO Automation, for precise operation at high rolling speeds.

3D rendering of the MINO Two-stand Six-high Cold Reversing Mill for Steel currently under manufacturing for an undisclosed North American Customer