MINO strikes gold once again: New Six-High Finishing Mill Contract

In October 2023 MINO has been selected again for the supply of a Finishing Six High Cold Rolling mill for copper and copper alloys. 

Jiangxi Copper Corporation High Precision Copper Strip Company Limited has awarded MINO for a new contract of a mil specialized in thin gauges rolling. Jiangxi Copper Corporation  was established in 1979  and is quickly developed as one of China’s main producer of copper cathodes and of a wide variety of copper products.

MINO’s Six High Finishing Mill shall be installed in the new production plant of copper strips which Jiangxi Copper Corporation is erecting in Nanchang.

The six high configuration allows the mill to achieve an outstanding flexibility in rolling both hard and soft alloys in the whole range of strip width and thickness granting at the same time, in any working condition, the overall stable control of the strip quality parameters.

Like all MINO’s finishing mills, also this mill shall be equipped with MINO’s integrated Automatic Flatness Control  and Automatic Gauge Control systems which MINO is continuously improving and fine tuning in the field of thin gauges rolling of copper.

MINO shall develop the whole mechanical and fluidic design and the complete automation system taking into particular account the specific technological requirements of copper rolling and assuring an excellent surface quality of the rolled strip.

The basic data of the mill are:

Max. Entry Strip Thickness:
Min. Exit Strip Thickness:
Max. Strip Width:
Min. Strip Width:
Max. Rolling Speed:

1,5 mm
0,05 mm
450 mm
300 mm
600 m/min

Typical Finshing Cold Rolling Mill