A look inside IWCC Seminar visiting MINO Alessandria: celebrating tradition, innovation, and enduring relationships

MINO has been honored to host the IWCC (International Wrought Copper Council) Technical Seminar visit in MINO’s Alessandria headquarter on February 28th, 2024.

This great opportunity provided a platform for industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to converge, exchange ideas, and see the long-lasting relationship between MINO and the world of copper and copper alloys strip rolling.

From the outset, guests were warmly received, reflecting our passion and dedication to sharing MINO’s extensive knowledge and know-how in the metal sector accrued over the nearly 200 years of history.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the tour of MINO’s workshop providing guests with an opportunity to witness the comprehensive quality check measures implemented during the pre-assembly and testing phases that we do for each machine. This ensures meticulous attention to detail and upholds the high standards of quality across all the components.

Furthermore, our guests had the opportunity to explore MINO’s extensive product portfolio, and in detail a slab scalper, various pieces of a large-scale hot rolling mill project, a cold mill for aluminum, a tandem cold mill for steel currently in different stages of preassembly. Unlucky, two finishing copper mills were delivered just a couple of weeks prior to the event.

The presentation and discussions conducted throughout the meeting provided invaluable insights into the contemporary advancements and challenges of the metal industry sector.

The strong and enduring relationships between MINO and its customers were a recurring theme throughout the congress. For nearly two centuries, MINO has not only provided cutting-edge machinery but has also forged deep connections with its customer, becoming a trusted and reliable partner for their success. It’s this commitment to building long lasting relationships and the same metals industry vision that sets MINO apart in an industry driven by innovation and competition.

As the IWCC Seminar concluded, we at MINO would like to express our gratitude once again to the IWCC for allowing us the opportunity to participate in such a distinguished Seminar. This event was a reminder that while technology may evolve and industries may change, the values of skillfulness, integrity, and relationships remain timeless