New “high-specification” Cold Rolling Mill receives Final Acceptance by Customer


Pictures showing the MINO IV-High Cold Rolling Mill in Texarkana Aluminum

MINO is proud to announce that in April 2024, the Final Acceptance Certificate for the new MINO Cold Rolling Mill at Texarkana Aluminium facility in Texarkana, TX was signed by the Customer.

From the complete virtual 3D mockup to the reality, the IV-High Cold Mill boast a barrel length of 86” (2000 mm) and a maximum rolling speed of 4000 fpm (1200 m/min).

This Mill is complemented by the latest design concepts and a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art control solutions positioning it among the most sophisticated Cold Rolling Mill in USA.

The Final Acceptance Certificate was issued following the completion of hot commissioning and trial production across a broad spectrum of aluminum alloys.

The commissioning has been managed by a multicultural team of specialized technicians from MINO group, including MINO S.p.A. (Italy) and Mino Process Control (UK), working in close cooperation with TKA’s technical team.

The Mill features a fully automatic coil circulation system integrated with an automatic crane storage system, a coil preparation station, an automatic spool transfer device, automatic strapping and marking machines and the latest generation of MINO Process Control’s AVANTITM TCS system for AGC/AFC control.

The AVANTITM system includes unique model based predictive control algorithms to enhance the thickness control.  The Mill is powered by AC main drives integrated by MINO Automation.

We extend our gratitude to the TKA team, MINO group teams and to all the technicians and engineers involved in the project, for the passion, dedication, teamwork, and hard working that led to the realization of such a remarkable installation.

Pictures showing the MINO IV-High Cold Rolling Mill in Texarkana Aluminum


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