New State of the Art Copper Foil Rolling Mill

Lingbao Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co., Ltd has selected MINOas supplier of a new Copper Foil Mill to be installed in the factory located in Lingbao in the frame of the new expansion project.

Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co., Ltd is a renowned company specialized in the production of ultra thin rolled copper foil of highest quality. The company produces and exports in all the world plain foil, surface treated foil, high corrosion resistance foil and copper foil for graphene. The company now intends to begin the second phase of the development plan by increasing the production capability.

Being the rolled copper foil a product with the most stringent quality requirements of the whole market of copper alloys, the new Copper Foil Mill, which is currently under design and manufacturing, shall incorporate the state of the art mechanical and hydraulic design, conceived and developed in order to cope with the specific and unique requirements of the copper foil rolling. The mill, that is currently under design, will be completely manufactured in Italy and preassembled in MINO’s Alessandria workshop.

The mill is derived by MINO six high reversing mill concept: the design has been modified and improved in order to allow the use of work rolls with very small diameter (110 mm) but keeping at the same time the advantage of the thickness and flatness control principles of the six high mill configuration.

The Copper Foil Mill is a reversing one, equipped with two reels that allow to apply a very wide range of tensions. Special equipment such as X ray thickness gauges, flatness rolls, tensiometer load cells, high precision encoders are installed on board of the mill.

The auxiliary hydraulic and fluidic circuits are designed to cope with the peculiar mill design. The automation is equipped with a Technological Control System provided by MINO Process Control from UK for highly performing Automatic Flatness Control and Automatic Gauge Control, specifically designed and tuned for the requirements of copper foil rolling process and perfectly matching with the latest version of MINO’s mechanical design for Copper Foil Mills.

The Automatic Gauge Control can provide speed control, tension control and pressure control modes combined in different ways in order to adapt to any rolling condition and to guarantee the best values of thickness tolerance. Notwithstanding the compact design of the mill, the mill design & control includes HGC pistons skewing, mechanical work and intermediate rolls bending and work rolls dynamic thermal crown control (realised by frequency controlled electrical spray valves) in order to keep under control the flatness of the strip at any value of thickness and especially when rolling the thinnest products for which the risk of strip breakage is higher.

The basic data of the Mill are:

Alloys to be Processed:
Max. Entry Thickness:
Min. Exit Thickness on Copper:
Max. Strip Width:
Min. Strip Width:
Max. Line Speed at the Rolling Stand:
Max. Coil Weight:

C10200, C101000, C11000, C19400, C70250
0,2 mm
0,006 mm
650 mm
400 mm
800 m/min
3,5 t

Typical MINO Copper Foil Mill

The mill shall be able to roll down to 6 microns of pure copper over maximum strip width. This is the most challenging rolling product that nowadays is requested to the very few mill manufacturers which are able to provide such kind of mills.

The selection of MINO by Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co. confirms MINO technological leadership in the field of thin and ultra thin gauge rolling of copper alloys on medium/wide strips.