A New Four High Roughing Mill in Northern Copper Industry Co., Ltd

MINO SpA has been selected by Northern Copper Industry Co., Ltd. for the supply of a new Four High Roughing Mill for copper and copper alloys. The mill is to be installed in the new production plant that Northern Copper Industry Co. intends to build in the industrial zone of Yuncheng.

The mill is going to process both soft and hard copper alloys starting from the thickness of 17 mm down to 0,5 mm over a maximum strip width of 670 mm. The mill is equipped with one dedicated unwinding group, with two big wheels for winding of thick strips (down to approx. 6-5 mm) and with two tension reels.

The mill’s design incorporates MINO’s know how in the field of roughing rolling. Such process in fact requires high stiffness of the stand and of the equipment in contact with the strip but, at the same time, also a certain flexibility of the mechanical actuators in order to properly control the flatness and the surface quality of the copper alloy strip. These two opposite requirements are simultaneously satisfied by MINO’s design, tested trough the years in several successful projects around the globe.

MINO has developed its own technology in the field of roughing rolling in more than 40 years by designing, manufacturing and commissioning roughing mills of various sizes (from minimum strip width of 450 mm up to maximum strip width of 1250 mm), either in reversible single stand and in non reversing tandem configuration.

The automation of the mill is developed by MINO. The mill is equipped with the state of the art AVANTI AGC system provided by MINO Process Control UK for the accurate control of the thickness tolerance of the rolled strip.


Type of Alloys:
Max. Entry Strip Width:
Max. Entry Strip Thickness:
Min. Exit Strip Thickness:
Max. Coil Weight:
Max. Rolling Force:
Max. Rolling Speed at Mill Stand:

Copper and Copper Alloys
670 mm
17 mm
0,5 mm
10 t
1500 t
400 m/min.

Typical MINO Four High Roughing Mill for Copper and Copper Alloys