MINO selected for GEMCİLER GÜVEN METAL Cold Roughing Mill Revamping Project

GEMCİLER GÜVEN METAL SAN. TİC A.Ş, a well known producer of copper and copper alloys strip in Turkey, have selected MINO SpA of Italy to modernise their existing Four High Cold Rolling Roughing Mill, installed in their Kahramanmaraş plant.

This award involves the extensive revamping of a used cold rolling mill, originally designed for large steel strips, purchased from Germany and installed in GEMCILER facilities some years ago.

This Mill is now subject of a major upgrade of the entry and exit configuration, along with the modernisation of the rolling stand.

The revamping work by MINO includes extensive mechanical and hydraulic modifications, new electrics and state-of-the-art automation systems, aimed at making the production line suitable to roll high quality copper alloy products, up to an outstanding strip width of 1300 mm, down to a minimum gauge of 0,5 mm.

The production rolled on this mill will be able to satisfy the most stringent quality parameters required by today’s market and to feed with top-quality coils the downstream rolling mills for the finishing passes.

Installation and on site start-up supervision will also be part of the MINO’s scope of work.

For this purpose, MINO has provided a multi disciplined team that has been chosen to work closely with the GEMCILER project management, from project conception to final acceptance.

MINO is proud of having being selected by GEMCILER as partner for such valuable project and is confident that this is the first step of a long lasting co-operation between the two Companies