New Orders for Heat Treatment and Finishing Lines for Aluminium Alloy Strip

Located in Fano, Marche region, Italy, Profilglass is the fastest growing Italian Company in the Aluminium strip production sector and one of MINO’s best Customers.

The association between Profilglass and MINO dates back to 2001 when Profilglass awarded to MINO the first job for the supply of a Cold Reversing Mill.

After that first job, MINO was awarded the contracts for the supply of two more Cold Rolling Mills and a state-of-the-art Hot Rolling Line that was successfully commissioned in 2013.

During the first months of 2016, MINO has been awarded two contracts for the supply of the following equipment:

  • the mechanical and electrical equipment for a Continuous Annealing & Heat Treatment Line, where the floating furnace and quenching section are supplied by Otto Junker Gmbh;
  • a complete Continuous Tension Levelling, Cleaning & Passivation Line.

These two Lines will allow fully continuous operation and will be erected face-to-face in a new bay of the Profilglass plant located in Bellocchi di Fano. The two Lines will be connected by a coil transfer system and will allow the coils previously rolled in MINO’s Hot & Cold Rolling Mills to undergo a complete heat treatment, tension levelling, pickling and passivation.

This new investment by Profilglass is aimed at serving the most highly demanding industrial sectors with top quality aluminium alloy strip of AA2xxx, AA5xxx, AA6xxx and AA7xxx series, including the car industry that requires increasing quantities of aluminium automotive sheet as a lighter weight replacement of steel, both for inner structural parts and for outer panels.

More in detail, the Annealing & Heat Treatment Line has been developed in cooperation with Otto Junker Gmbh of Simmerath, Germany, specialist supplier of thermal equipment, to satisfy today’s most demanding industry applications, such as exposed automotive sheet.

The Annealing & Heat Treatment Line is complete with strip joiner and strip horizontal entry/exit accumulators allowing for fully continuous operation, pre-cleaning & drying section, effective systems to feed the furnace with the strip perfectly centered and having a precisely controlled minimum tension.

The latter is achieved with a combination of large diameter bridle rolls, strip centering units properly located along the Line and an advanced automation system which benefits from the huge experience gained by MINO Automation in controlling minimum tension in the most demanding applications, such as the foil rolling.

The Tension Levelling, Cleaning & Passivation Line is complete with strip joiner, side notcher, entry side trimmer & scrap chopper, strip horizontal accumulator, tension leveller including four levelling cassettes and one anti cross-bow cassette (all of six-high design), alkaline cleaning section, acid etching section, spray-type passivation section, drying section.

When the two Lines will be in operation, MINO will be one of the few equipment suppliers in the world that can boast of being capable, using exclusively its mills & lines, to take a pre-heated slab of aluminium alloy and transform it into a rolled, heat treated & finished strip, covering all automotive aluminium sheet applications, from inner structure to outer panels!

MINO is particularly proud of the consolidated and long-lasting partnership established with this Customer back in 2001 and which has continued uninterrupted through the years, following the spectacular growth of Profilglass in the aluminium strip sector.

Key data of the Lines:

Type of alloys:
Max. entry strip width:
Max. entry strip thickness:
Min. exit strip thickness:
Max. coil weight:
Max. coil outer diameter:

AA2XXX, AA5XXX, AA6XXX, AA7XXX, series alloys
2150 mm
5.0 mm
0.6 mm
22 t
2200 mm