Contract for the Modernisation, Upgrade and Supply of Five Production Lines for Copper Alloy Strip

KMD (HK) Holding Limited, joint venture of KME Group and Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group Inc. of China, have selected MINO to modernise and supply five production lines for copper alloy strip and, more precisely, a reverse hot rolling mill, a strip milling line, a reverse breakdown cold rolling mill and two reverse finishing rolling mills.

The project involves the use of parts of dismissed production lines installed in the Tréfimetaux plant, located in Sérifontaine, Northern France.

The Contract forms part of a larger plan based on which KMD will become a global player in the production of “connectors” rolled products for the electronic and automotive industry sectors.

The Contract awarded to MINO includes the disassembly of the production lines from the Tréfimetaux plant, and their complete modernisation, modification and upgrade before their installation in the new KMD production plant located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China.

The modernization work by MINO includes completely new electrics and automation systems and extensive mechanical and hydraulic modifications, aimed at making the production lines suitable to roll high quality copper alloy products, up to a strip width of 700 mm, and to satisfy the most stringent quality parameters required by the electronic and automotive applications. Installation and on site start-up supervision will also be part of the MINO’s scope of work.

MINO is proud of having being selected by KMD as partner for such a complex and valuable project.

This latest Contract strengthen a long-lasting technical cooperation established with the Companies belonging to the KME Group that dates back to the sixties of the last century.

During this period MINO has supplied to the Companies belonging to the KME Group several rolling mills and a milling line.