One More Contract for Six-High Mill for Copper in Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group)

MINO has been awarded by Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Co.,Ltd. one contract for a new Six High Finishing Cold Rolling Mill for Copper and Copper Alloys.

This new contract follows the successful completion of the previous Six High Finishing Mill supplied and commissioned by MINO two years before.

MINO has been selected for the supply of a new finishing mill to be installed in the new production facility for 650 mm wide strips: the mill shall be used for the rolling of the thinnest gauges on which the control of flatness and thickness tolerances is most critical. The mill shall in fact roll down to a minimum thickness of 50 microns on 650 mm wide strip and shall be sized to accept incoming material as thick as 2 mm.

The mill will be equipped with the same MINO AGC/AFC system which is already installed in the previous mill and which has reached excellent performances.

The design of the mill is particularly focused on the rolling process of copper thin gauges: accurate tuning of work roll thermal crown, high precision of control of rolling force and strip tension and high quality strip surface can be achieved only by combining accurate machining of the equipment together with dedicated mechanical design and automation system that are the result of the experience and know how gained by MINO in this specific field.

This repeated order by Ningbo Jintian to MINO is the most convincing evidence of the deep satisfaction of Ningbo Jintian in MINO first project and the trust of Ningbo Jintian in the new cooperation with MINO due to the excellent partner relation developed by MINO and Jintian.

The key data of the mill are:

Type of Mill:
Rolled Material:
Max. Entry Strip Width:
Max. Entry Strip Thickness:
Min. Exit Design Strip Thickness:
Max. Coil Weight:
Max. Rolling Speed:

Six-High Reversing Finishing Mill
Copper and Copper Alloys
650 mm
2,0 mm
0,050 mm
10 t
600 m/min

The supply of MINO includes not only the mechanical and fluidic equipment but also the whole electrical equipment. Following MINO consolidated working standard, the whole design of the mechanical and fluidic equipment and the software of the automation system and of the technological control system are completely developed in MINO Italy by the same skilled engineers who are dedicated exclusively to the mills for copper alloys. Only in this way, in fact, it is possible to put at customer’s service the whole MINO technical know how and to include in the design of each mill new improvements and updates that allow the mill to be always at pace with the most engaging requirements of the market of the copper strips.

Mino Six High Rolling Mill already commissioned in Ningbo Jintian