YINBANG New Four-High Foil Mill Preassembled in MINO Workshop

On December 2014, “Ex-works” inspection certificate of the new MINO Four-High Foil Mill for Yinbang Clad Material has been signed.

The mill has been completely pre-assembled and tested in MINO Workshop located in Alessandria.  Yinbang inspecting team has checked the machining and assembling tolerance which are required for the high precision mill and the quality of the on board piping and cabling.

The new Foil Mill incorporate the latest MINO’s technologies development  for foil rolling, including its advanced AGC/AFC process control system and its hot edge spray system that has been specifically designed to relieve high tensile stress at the strip edges, allowing to achieve higher rolling speeds. This latest system has been developed by MINO for high speed rolling mills and has been successfully tested in previous Foil Mill projects.

The Mill will be shortly shipped to Wuxi, China, where the next spring, the mill will be erected and commissioned.

Key data of the new Foil Mill:

Foil Roughing Mill

Type of Alloys
Max. Entry Strip Width
Max. Entry Strip Thickness
Min. Exit Strip Thickness
Max. Coil Weight
Min. Rolling Force
Max. Rolling Speed

AA1XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX, AA6XXX and AA8XXX Series Alloys
1500 mm
0,6 mm
0,03 mm
18 ton
800 ton
1500 m/min